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Technical project design & delivery

End-to-end engineering solutions for complex projects in public and private sectors, including manufacturing, water, transport, construction, commercial buildings and industrial.

Electrical and mechanical design expertise for demanding engineering applications

In-house facilities for pre-construction project equipment manufacturing and sub-assembly

Electrical and mechanical equipment installation and related civil and construction works.
Proactive asset maintenance, repair, refurbishment and upgrades.

Qualified expertise in project work for hazardous areas and high voltage applications.

Multidiscipline engineering projects with complex scope, scale and technical requirements.
Whatever the industry, TEW brings its combination of agile thinking and high-level expertise.

Maintenance & Service

Maintenance, repair and refurbishment services for critical infrastructure and plant equipment

Extending the life of critical assets

TEW has extensive experience providing maintenance and repair services for critical infrastructure and plant equipment. We work closely with clients to provide proactive asset maintenance that reduces reactive work due to breakdowns and failures - and the associated costs blowouts that occur.

Our on-site maintenance and service capabilities encompass routine, preventative and condition-based maintenance.

We regularly complete equipment refurbishment, rebuild and upgrades, extending the life of equipment and related infrastructure. We have established maintenance contacts with clients for critical assets, so that when unexpected breakdowns occur, we’re able to respond and resolve in a timely manner.

  • Equipment & Assets

Equipment and assets we regularly maintain and upgrade

  • switchboards and switchgear: compliance, safety, upgrades
  • motors, fans, blowers, gearboxes
  • pumps, pipework, valving (sewage, stormwater, potable water)
  • oil separators, grease traps
  • rubbish compactors
  • asphalt plants
  • electric vehicle chargers
  • and much more.
Maintenance Services

Recent Projects

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