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Technical project design & delivery

End-to-end engineering solutions for complex projects in public and private sectors, including manufacturing, water, transport, construction, commercial buildings and industrial.

Electrical and mechanical design expertise for demanding engineering applications

In-house facilities for pre-construction project equipment manufacturing and sub-assembly

Electrical and mechanical equipment installation and related civil and construction works.
Proactive asset maintenance, repair, refurbishment and upgrades.

Qualified expertise in project work for hazardous areas and high voltage applications.

Multidiscipline engineering projects with complex scope, scale and technical requirements.
Whatever the industry, TEW brings its combination of agile thinking and high-level expertise.

Project Management

Successfully leading and delivering complex multidiscipline engineering projects with multiple stakeholders.

Complex project leadership

TEW has a track record of successfully delivering engineering projects with a degree of complexity. Whilst this experience covers both the public and private sector, often we’re engaged with a variety of client and contractor types in any given project. In many cases we are at the helm as the principal contractor, coordinating the design, procurement, construction and maintenance, ensuring that the client’s project goals are delivered in full, on time.

Where required, project work seamlessly flows into ongoing maintenance contracting, with interoperability with client staff and facility teams.

Whatever the scenario, we’ve become adept at managing complexity, keeping projects running smoothly, so our clients can spend less time following up on projects and focus more on their core business.

  • Complex Projects
  • In-House Project Managers
  • Project Leadership

Complex Projects

Our delivery of complex projects often involves a combination of factors such as:

  • delivering a multi-discipline project scope
  • designing complex technical solutions
  • planning for and operating in a challenging or hazardous physical environment
  • leading a project with demanding timelines
  • managing multiple stakeholders including large, complex organisations

Mechanical & rotating machines

TEW’s project managers are a dedicated resource and single point of client contact for complex large projects. This includes:

  • preparing and tracking project schedules
  • communicating project matters to all relevant parties
  • organising permits and certifications
  • preparing project reports
  • tracking and control of project budget. 

Project Leadership

They reduce risk and complexity for clients, taking full responsibility of projects by:

  • following methodical, complex project requirements (process)
  • internal management of a job so that it runs seamlessly, on time and budget
  • directly managing the multidisciplinary team.
Project Management Services

Recent Projects

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