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Technical project design & delivery

End-to-end engineering solutions for complex projects in public and private sectors, including manufacturing, water, transport, construction, commercial buildings and industrial.

Electrical and mechanical design expertise for demanding engineering applications

In-house facilities for pre-construction project equipment manufacturing and sub-assembly

Electrical and mechanical equipment installation and related civil and construction works.
Proactive asset maintenance, repair, refurbishment and upgrades.

Qualified expertise in project work for hazardous areas and high voltage applications.

Multidiscipline engineering projects with complex scope, scale and technical requirements.
Whatever the industry, TEW brings its combination of agile thinking and high-level expertise.

Manufacturing & Fabrication

Pre-construction project services across manufacturing, fabrication, assembly and testing requirements.

In-house manufacturing expertise

As part of our end-to-end project management capability, TEW has a primary Queensland-based facility where we complete a range of pre-construction project services across manufacturing, fabrication and testing functions.

Our manufacturing capability is driven by a multidisciplinary team with deep technical experience across electrical, mechanical and metals trades. In turn, our highly-qualified leadership team provides the direction, ensuring necessary training and ongoing skills development are maintained.

  • Services Capability
  • Equipment Expertise

Manufacturing and Fabrication Scope

  • manufacture of LV electrical systems
  • fabrication of mechanical components and associated civil assets
  • preparation, assembly and engineering checks on procured plant and equipment
  • equipment maintenance, refurbishment and rebuilds

Electrical & Mechanical Equipment

  • Switchboards - fabrication, assembly and type testing (up to 3000A)
  • Pumps - servicing & refurbishment
  • Electric motors - overhaul
  • Supporting structures, walkways and other equipment - fabrication and assembly
  • Mechanical refurbishment & rebuilds
Manufacturing & Fabrication

Recent Projects

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