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Technical project design & delivery

End-to-end engineering solutions for complex projects in public and private sectors, including manufacturing, water, transport, construction, commercial buildings and industrial.

Electrical and mechanical design expertise for demanding engineering applications

In-house facilities for pre-construction project equipment manufacturing and sub-assembly

Electrical and mechanical equipment installation and related civil and construction works.
Proactive asset maintenance, repair, refurbishment and upgrades.

Qualified expertise in project work for hazardous areas and high voltage applications.

Multidiscipline engineering projects with complex scope, scale and technical requirements.
Whatever the industry, TEW brings its combination of agile thinking and high-level expertise.

Hazardous Areas and High Voltage

Qualified project expertise in hazardous environments and high voltage applications.

Hazardous Areas Qualified and Experienced

As a specialist technical engineering contractor, TEW is experienced at operating in hazardous environments. We possess the qualifications, expertise and processes to deliver work in hazardous areas, whilst mitigating risk for our clients.

At TEW, we frequently deliver hazardous area management services where principal contractors don’t  have this niche capability available in-house.

We provide a comprehensive range of maintenance services, and equipment repair and replacement for high voltage (HV) systems up to 11kV.

Our team is experienced in performing comprehensive maintenance tasks, including testing, inspection, and analysis to ensure your HV systems are safe, reliable and compliant.

  • Hazardous Environments
  • Hazardous Area Services
  • High Voltage Services

Hazardous Environments

Projects with hazardous conditions often present an extra suite of challenges for clients and contractors, requiring specialist skills, processes and certifications. It’s a broad term that covers a range of situations including:

  • chemical hazards
  • high voltage electrical areas
  • confined spaces
  • gases / dust conditions
  • underground environments

Hazardous Area Services

  • Hazardous area classification
  • Management of arc fault hazards
  • Management of multiple high risk hazards
  • Hazardous area equipment selection
  • Compliance audits
  • Zoning support
  • Hazardous area dossier
  • UEE42620 Certificate IV in Hazardous Area - Electrical

High Voltage Services

  • HV Switching, Access and Coordination
  • Annual testing and maintenance of switchgear and cabling
  • Transformer inspection and testing including oil sampling and analysis
  • Upgrades, repairs and refurbishment of HV substations
  • UEPSS00003 High Voltage Operation – HV Switching
Hazardous Area & HV Services

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